Vehicle Immobilisers

Vehicle Immobilisers

Are You Looking for an Immobiliser for your vehicle?

With an immobiliser installed, even if a thief has your keys or cloned your keys they will be unable to drive away with your vehicle.

The Scorpion X Series

Immobilisers are the ultimate in vehicle protection. This is a must have for any vehicle to help to eliminate the risk of your vehicle being stolen.

Open your vehicle as normal and enter your unique and changeable PIN at any point button press sequence into the existing vehicle controls and your car starts as normal.

Thieves use specialist key cloning and key coding devices to steal vehicles making any keyless vehicle very vulnerable and can be taken in 30 seconds or less.

Scorpion X combats this with the latest technology and is uniquely coded to your vehicle and can be removed and refitted to your next purchase.

Scorpian X

Block Your Engine from Starting

The Scorpion immobiliser system is designed to stop your car’s engine from starting unless you input a unique personalised code that only you know, how cool is that

Undetectable Protection for Your Car

The Scorpion immobilisation system has no physical circuits to cut so it can’t be tampered with.

No Radio Frequency Signals

The Scorpion immobiliser system, will not transmit any physical radio signals. This means car thieves can’t use any electrical detection gadgets to detect if its installed into the vehicle, that's why its called the Scorpion X.

Scorpian X

Why should you get a Scorpion X immobiliser?