Reverse Camera

Reverse Camara Installation

Reversing Cameras & Rear View Camera Kits For All Cars

If you want a first class reversing camera in Northwich, we can help.

We supply and fit exceptional cameras for domestic or commercial clients. Whether you want one camera for your small private car or numerous cameras for a taxi fleet, we have you covered.

Installed in the rear of your car, the reversing camera provides an additional safety and convenience feature, reducing the chances of reversing into low level obstacles.

The camera starts working as soon as you engage reverse gear. It shows the area behind the car on your touch-screen radio or radio navigation system display offering you a clear image with guidelines. Superimposed graphic lines guide you to the optimal steering lock, guaranteeing fuss-free, smooth parking.


Using the rear view camera means you’ll be able to manoeuvre quickly and easily, even into the most difficult parking space. It also alerts you to low-down obstacles which parking sensors may not always detect. The reversing camera is also a great aid when you are hitching up a trailer.

We fit reversing cameras to a wide range of cars including Audi, Jaguar, Mercedes, VW, BMW and more.

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